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Designing Drones

Since September 2015 I have been on an MSc course studying Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design at Southampton University. Never having set foot in Southampton and coming from a background in Materials Science this may seem like an odd thing to be doing, but I had been captivated reading about the incredibly diverse range of applications that Drones are being used for (be that the well established technologies agriculture, inspections and humanitarian aid or especially new fields such as animal conservation, parcel delivery and reforestation). Furthermore I was excited by the astonishing level of growth ahead of this market: both the technological development and also the potential opportunities that this may bring. Being the first course of its kind I seized the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and so am spending a year building and flying these really fun pieces of kit!

Showing Southampton in it's best light

Showing Southampton in its best light

#MSc #Southampton

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