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Aerial Photography

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Working as a small creative team and using today's cutting edge technology we deliver exceptional results at affordable prices.

As a fully qualified, certified and insured organisation, we ensure that all operations are carried out to the highest possible safety standards. With backgrounds in both Photography and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with the best possible results. 


In addition to our aerial capabilities we also have full land-based capabilities so we can provide you with the complete package.  



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    The Process    



From the moment you get in touch you will be guided through the process to get the results you want as quickly, as simply and as safely as possible.

We will send you a few very simple questions to simply ascertain what it is we can do to help you.


Our UAVs are top of the range and can be flown to a height of 400' and a distance of 500 m from the pilot enabling us to capture whatever fresh perspective is required.




We can provide instant results: video at the best 4K resolution; live streaming; or 16MP images as required.


Editing can be done in house or we can provide raw footage as required.

 A New Perspective 



The advent of drone technology has opened up an astonishing new range of possibilities. Together with our aerial services we also offer ground based photography and cinematography meaning that we can provide you with the full package. Below are listed a few of the industries that most regularly utilise our services but don't hesitate to get in touch whatever your requirements.

Real Estate

From breathtaking aerial views to 360' interior tours we have what it takes to get your client through the door. 


Festivals, parties, sports events and more. Whether it's breathtaking marketing material that you need for next years event or live streaming capabilities we can offer it. 


Leaky roof? Loose tiles? No need for expensive scaffolding! Surveys and inspections have never been easier. 


Whether it's obtaining planning permissions or showcasing the great work you have already done, an aerial perspective will do the job better than any other.


We offer aerial photography and video services which, combined with our ground-based services will provide you with the complete package so you can relive that special day like never before

Thermal Imaging

No need to keep wasting money on heating bills due to poor insulation. Instant thermal analysis of your property will tell you exactly where the problem lies.

Rental Market

Aerial photographs and animated 360' property panoramas can help sell your property in a highly competitive market.


From website video content to billboards for bus stops we can provide a different angle for your brand.


3D or 2D mapping services upon request. Whether you are looking to monitor your mine or take record of your deeds, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Costs can vary according to the complexity of the project but we will provide a fixed price quote for all work. The following is a guideline to our prices but get in touch and we will provide you with a quote right away:

Full day of Aerial Filming: £500 

Full day of Aerial Photography: £200

Full day of ground-based Filming: £300

Full day ground-based Photography: £200

Single Property Aerial Photography: £150

Video Editing from: £500

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